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What does it mean to partner with Benefit Concepts? "My BCI Team" is not simply a catchphrase, it's a promise. It's our company's pledge to provide you a dedicated team of experienced, enthusiastic professionals who will work together to carefully examine and secure your benefit solutions while delivering consistent, quality service throughout the life of your business.


Mark Kennedy
(713) 728-7200

Licensed Agents [+]

Our sales team consistently seeks new opportunities, while marketing Benefit Concepts within our industry to build and sustain relationships with top-rated insurance carriers. As a client advocate, each agent invests time in continuing education, participates in understanding legislative changes that affects our clients and is eager to improve our industry standards.

Account Managers [+]

The role of our Account Executives is to promote significant relationships with our clients, insurance companies and service vendors. Keeping clients informed and educated on policy coverage, changes, and exclusions are a top priority. Our service team also aides our clients regarding all health insurance issues, billing and eligibility requirements.

Marketing Specialists [+]

The marketing team supports the Account Executives with new business quotes and renewal alternatives to generate viable proposal options for our prospects and clients. Their detailed oriented professionalism and knowledge of numerous carrier plans is essential for the assembly of proposals. Utilizing strong communication skills, the team cultivates a beneficial relationship with the insurance companies in order to provide the best solutions in healthcare plans to meet all existing and future needs.

Individual Specialist [+]

Exercising strong analytical skills when reviewing individual healthcare plan applications, our Individual Insurance Specialist establishes an individual's eligibility for coverage and makes recommendations for coverage. Our individual healthcare team is a great resource to answer questions and secure temporary or long-term individual healthcare coverage.

Senior Market Specialist [+]

Our Senior Market Specialist is available to answer any client questions regarding Medicare, Eligibility, Senior Products, Medicare A and B, Part C Advantage Plans, Supplement Plans and Part D Prescription Plans.

Voluntary Benefits Specialist [+]

Using sound practices, our Voluntary Benefits Specialist is experienced at finding the right elective insurance products to complement core employee benefit packages at no cost to the employer, allowing employees to satisfy gaps of coverage and manage their benefits portfolio based on individual need. Our specialist also promotes and works with carriers to find wellness programs that offer exceptional lifestyle benefits, support, and financial wellbeing to positively impact a company’s bottom line, as well as enhance and accelerate each employee’s life goals.

Claims Specialist [+]

With an extensive background in resolving claims, our Claims Specialist takes a hands-on approach in conducting investigations for escalated and challenging claims. With a high level of communication and effective negotiation skills, this expertise offers our clients the most cost effective solutions.

Brokerage Team [+]

Our administrative staff serves the agency with strong organizational skills and the ability to perform multiple functions within the office, and provides frontline customer service to our existing and potential clients.

Financial Operations [+]

Our financial operations team manages and maintains the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism concerning all aspects of the company’s financial matters in regards to our revenue, expenditures, accounts payable, and monthly financial and tax reporting. Each team member is prudent to determine and implement accounting procedures and methods to diversify and increase the financial strength and stability of Benefit Concepts.

Information Technology [+]

Our professional IT team manages with accountability, practical advice, research and tools to save time, save money, improve IT operations and make better decisions.  Our IT Manager understands the role and responsibilities of the position and how it impacts business and our clients.  In turn, our IT team consistently seeks knowledge, education and experience requirements to procure actionable insight and relevant technology to comply with all business requirements such as HIPAA, FACTA and Red Flag Rules.

Marketing Communications Specialist [+]

Our Marketing Communications Specialist assists the brokerage by creating and implementing our marketing materials and developing corporate brand strategies, as well as executing client correspondence and customer advantage programs designed to enhance and foster exceptional client relations.

Operations Team [+]

Managing strategic and financial objectives, our Operations Team develops and implements guiding principals, policies and procedures.  Other responsibilities include directing the daily activities of the brokerage to surpass our business goals, setting high expectations and an industry standard for Benefit Concepts and its esteemed clients.